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Talks, radio appearances and articles by Tim Barford of VegfestUK




Oct 3rd - Tim Barford of VegfestUK on Aldo Zilli's radio show talking about veganism -


September 2016

Sept 15th - Tim Barford - Pro-Intersectional Vegan Conference PREVIEW VLOG PART THREE -

Sept 13th - Tim Barford - Pro-Intersectional Vegan Conference PREVIEW VLOG PART TWO -

Sept 9th - Tim Barford - Pro-Intersectional Vegan Conference PREVIEW VLOG PART ONE -


August 2016

Aug 24th - Tim Barford - Top 10 Vegan Activists FULL TALK -

Aug 17th - Talk at Teen VGN Summer Camp - The Vegan Philosophy, The Animal Movement and Effective Vegan Activism -

Aug 9th - Effective Vegan Strategy: "Unity" within the Animal Movement -


July 2016

Jul 26th - Tim Barford from VegfestUK VLOGS on "deep" and "light" veganism -

Jul 24th - ''Deep'' veganism and ''light'' veganism -

Jul 13th - Tim Barford on BBC Radio London with Robert Elms -

Jul 7th - Tim Barford of VegfestUK on Hope FM radio -


June 2016

Jun 17th - Reflections on the Close Down the Slaughterhouses demo -


May 2016

May 24th - Importance of Rights in a Social Justice Movement - FULL TALK -

May 18th - Joyous interview with Tim Barford of VegfestUK on Ujima Radio -

May 18th - Tim Barford of VegfestUK on One Love Breakfast show on BCFM -

May 18th - Tim Barford from VegfestUK on BBC Radio Scotland -

May 16th - BBC Merseyside & Ujima Radio presenters to go vegan with Tim Barford from VegfestUK -

May 16th - Tim Barford of VegfestUK on BBC Radio Merseyside -

May 15th - Tim Barford of VegfestUK on The Good Food Show on Ujima Radio -

May 5th - Tim Barford on BBC Radio Bristol with Claire Cavanagh -


April 2016

Apr 29th - Interview with Tim Barford by Casey Taft PhD of Vegan Publishers -

Apr 28th - Radio interview with Tim Barford of VegfestUK on BBC Radio Jersey -


March 2016

Mar 30th - Vegan Business Talk 013: Interview with Tim Barford of Yaoh and VegFestUK -

Mar 27th - Tim Barford reviews 'Vegan Ventures' by Katrina Fox -

Mar 27th - VegfestUK and the Vegan Philosophy - FULL TALK from VegfestUK Brighton 2016 -

Mar 26th - Tim Barford - The Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights: Fit for Purpose or a Busted Flush? FULL TALK from VegfesttUK Brighton -

Mar 21st - Discussion: What's the Best Form of Vegan Activism? - FULL VIDEO from VegfestUK Brighton 2016 -


February 2016

Feb 23rd - Tim Barford on Radio Reverb speaking on the vegan philosophy and VegfestUK Brighton -

Feb 21st - Book review - Motivational Methods for Vegan Advocacy - Casey Taft (Vegan Publishers) -

Feb 14th - Tim Barford from VegfestUK on the Marc Carter show on BBC Radio Sussex -


January 2016

Jan 23rd - Tim Barford from VegfestUK reviews 'Circles of Compassion' -

Jan 17th - Tim Barford from VegfestUK reviews ‘Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach’ -

Jan 15th - Tim Barford from VegfestUK advocates for justice for all animals on BBC Radio Bristol -


December 2015

Dec 28th - Pig Freud band live at Vegfest Scotland FULL VIDEO -

Dec 20th - FULL VIDEO of The Big Discussion: Should Vegans promote the REDUCETARIAN approach? -

Dec 17th - Welcome to the world of Tim Barford – organiser of Europe's largest vegan events and one of the UK's prime movers in the vegan circles - 

Dec 10th - Tim Barford - How VegfestUK and the UK Vegan Movement has changed in 2015 -


November 2015

Nov 29th - Tim Barford on BBC Radio Scotland discussing veganism in a religious and moral context -

Nov 26th - Tim Barford - The secret of change is to focus all your energies, not on fighting the old, but on building the new -


October 2015

Oct 26th - Some reflections on the UK vegan scene, following a weekend at the West Midlands Vegan Festival -

Oct 18th - In response to recent critics of VegfestUK London 2015 -

Oct 10th - Interview with Tim Barford by Anneka Svenska of Green World TV -

Oct 2nd - Aldo Zilli promises to 'GO VEGAN' for 90 days with Tim from VegfestUK -


september 2015

Sept 25th - Tim Barford Interview on BBC Radio London with Vanessa Feltz -

Sept 21st - VEGAN – more than just a diet, it’s a social justice movement -

Sept 17th - INTERVIEW with VegfestUK manager Tim Barford on MAIN STREET VEGAN podcast -


July 2015

Jul 1st - Some changes at VegfestUK -


June 2015

Jun 27th - Tim Barford, manager of VegfestUK, elected as trustee of the Vegan Society -

Jun 15th - Why the Close Down the Slaughterhouses Demos are a good thing -


May 2015

May 4th - VegfestUK founder Tim Barford in today's Herald Scotland, speaking up for the rights of animals -


April 2015

Apr 8th - The K-9 Angels interview VegfestUK manager Tim Barford at Brighton Centre -


September 2014

VegfestUK organiser Tim Barford wins Best Vegan Advocate Award in Viva! 20th anniversary celebrations -

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