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August 2016

Aug 31st - Get the little ones to embrace vegan cooking at VegfestUK London 2016 -

Aug 9th - Tim Barford - Effective Vegan Strategy: "Unity" within the Animal Movement -

Aug 7th - “Go Vegan” posters spotted on phone boxes near Edinburgh International Fringe sites in the run up to Vegfest Scotland

Aug 1st - Huge celebration of the best of veganism in VegfestUK Awards 2016 -


JULY 2016

Jul 27th - Family fun galore at Europe’s premier vegan festival - kids under 16 FREE -

Jul 26th - Tim Barford from VegfestUK VLOGS on "deep" and "light" veganism -

Jul 26th - Pig Freud introduces VegfestUK Awards 2016


Jul 25th - Are you a vegetarian seeking to go vegan? VegfestUK London is there for you! -

Jul 25th - Bodybuilders, marathon runners, cyclists, gymnasts, boxers and others to share vegan success stories at Europe’s premier vegan event​ -

Jul 25th - Still think vegan food is dull and tasteless? VegfestUK London proves otherwise!

Jul 24th - Tickets for VegfestUK London 2016 on sale on BOGOF from August 1st for limited period only!


JUNE 2016

Jun 23rd - How to get full value from being a stallholder at VegfestUK

Jun 23rd - VegfestUK Bristol 2016 Visitor Survey Results


MAY 2016

May 31st - Presenter Anneka Svenska reviews VegfestUK Bristol 2016

May 30th - Christopher-Sebastian McJetters - Allies in Arms: The danger of wearing veganism as an identity FULL TALK

May 29th - Dr. Roger Yates - Why Vegans should promote Veganism FULL TALK

May 29th - Dr. Roger Yates - Setting up and Running a Vegan Gazebo Info Point FULL TALK

May 27th - Dr. Roger Yates - An Introduction to the Controversial idea of Animal Rights - FULL TALK

May 27th - Dr. Roger Yates - Pro-Intersectional Veganism and What this means to grassroots vegan activists - FULL TALK

May 27th - Christopher-Sebastian McJetters - Veganism is easy...except for when it isn't

May 27th - Tim Barford - Importance of Rights in a Social Justice Movement 

May 26th - FREE TICKETS to Vegfest London / Scotland available in exchange for flyering

May 26th - Vegfest stalls in demand since Bristol event drew big crowds

May 23rd - VegfestUK Bristol 2016 attracted 13,000 people despite rainfall

May 18th - Joyous interview with Tim Barford of VegfestUK on Ujima Radio

May 18th - Tim Barford of VegfestUK on One Love Breakfast show on BCFM

May 18th - Tim Barford from VegfestUK on BBC Radio Scotland

May 18th - 1-TO-1 FLYERING / FLYPOSTERING HELP for VegfestUK Bristol welcome!

May 17th - 12 Frightening Facts about Dairy

May 17th - Nishma Shah of Shambhu's - featuring at VegfestUK events since the first shows


May 16th - BBC Merseyside & Ujima Radio presenters to go vegan with Tim Barford from VegfestUK

May 16th - Tim Barford of VegfestUK on BBC Radio Merseyside

May 15th - Tim Barford of VegfestUK on The Good Food Show on Ujima Radio

May 15th - Everyone has a part to play

May 14th - The Sun's out - you got the Yaoh?

May 13th - A festival musician's quest for vegan cheese

May 13th - Importance of the Health Aspects of Veganism

May 12th - The Vegfest Express - your quintessential FREE online vegan magazine

May 12th - A Vegan Cook's VegFest Prep - A Behind-The-Scenes Sneek peek

May 12th - Pro-Intersectional Veganism and What it Means to Grassroots Vegan Activists

May 12th - Vegan Chef Day - Vegan Cooking as Animal Activism

May 11th - Dr. Roger Yates - Why Vegans Should Promote Veganism

May 11th - Dr. Roger Yates - Setting up and Running a Gazebo Information Point


May 11th - Big VegfestUK Bristol billboard posters appearing in parts of Bristol

May 8th - Dr. Roger Yates - An Introduction to the Controversial Idea of Animal Rights

May 5th - Tim Barford on BBC Radio Bristol with Claire Cavanagh

May 4th - Bristol’s Big Green Week Founder Goes Vegan With VegfestUK for 2 Weeks….. How Did It All Go?

May 4th - Bus rears in Bristol plastered with educational poster for veganism as a justice for all philosophy

May 1st - Prominent activists to speak at Pro-intersectional Vegan Conference


APRIL 2016

Apr 28th - Guitar-playing pig gets everyone talking about animal rights with latest poster campaign

Apr 28th - VEGAN – because cow's milk is for baby calves, not for us

Apr 28th - VEGAN – because pigs are persons, not bacon rashers, nor pork chops

Apr 28th - VEGAN – because male chicks don't want to be minced alive for our breakfast 

Apr 28th - VEGAN – plenty more fish in the sea? Not at this rate... 

Apr 28th - Radio interview with Tim Barford of VegfestUK on BBC Radio Jersey

Apr 26th - BUY ONE GET ONE HALF PRICE ticket offers for VegfestUK Bristol ending Apr 30th

Apr 22nd - YOGA sessions on both days at VegfestUK Bristol 2016

Apr 22nd - Additional Buskers Stage at VegfestUK Bristol to lift a massive crowd

Apr 22nd - EVENT PROGRAMME for VegfestUK Bristol 2016 available to view online

Apr 19th - Adults would do well to follow simple rules taught to kids by a Pirate Children's entertainer

Apr 18th - Be inspired by vegan culinary magic at VegfestUK Bristol

Apr 16th - "COMPASSION" - VegfestUK Brighton 2016 Film

Apr 16th - POLL: Which form of activism should we be focusing on the most?

Apr 15th - POLL RESULTS: What's your favourite food to eat at Vegfest?

Apr 15th - Stalls at VegfestUK Bristol 2016 SOLD OUT over a month before the event!

Apr 13th - Veganism Doubles again since April 2015

Apr 7th - Marshall Jefferson headlines house party alongside Alison Limerick, Adamski & Criss Cross at VegfestUK

Apr 7th - VegfestUK Bristol tickets on BUY ONE GET ONE HALF PRICE till end of April

Apr 5th - Stereo MC's live on Sunday May 22nd at VegfestUK Bristol 2016

Apr 3rd - Thrilling family entertainment to bring smileys galore at VegfestUK Bristol - kids under 16 free

Apr 2nd - Local festival entertainers needed for VegfestUK Bristol 2016

Apr 2nd - Join Captain James Tea Cook for Kids Cookery Classes at VegfestUK Bristol - KIDS UNDER 16 FREE


MARCH 2016

Mar 31st - Essential Trading Co-operative's amazing fairtrade organic vegan products

Mar 30th - Vegan Business Talk 013: Interview with Tim Barford of Yaoh and VegFestUK

Mar 27th - Tim Barford reviews 'Vegan Ventures' by Katrina Fox

Mar 24th - How to Make the Most of being a VegfestUK stallholder

Mar 23rd - The Phoenix Rose to launch new album 'Destination' 2 weeks before performing live at VegfestUK Bristol

Mar 22nd - VegfestUK celebrates multicultural influence at huge Bristol event on May 21st 22nd

Mar 16th - Teen Zone - hangout area for young vegans - is back at VegfestUK Bristol!

Mar 14th - Sumptuous vegan cuisine and cookery demos await at VegfestUK Bristol

Mar 11th - Pig Freud looking for collectors to join him at VegfestUK Bristol

Mar 9th - POLL RESULTS: What's the best form of vegan activism?

Mar 9th - Please vote for BRISTOL VEGFEST in The Regional Awards, thanks!

Mar 8th - Pig Freud launches his new “Vegan - Justice for All” billboard campaign at Bristol Rovers FC vs AFC Wimbledon match

Mar 7th - Help with flyer and poster distribution for VegfestUK Bristol needed!

Mar 2nd - Pig Freud sponsoring Bristol Rovers vs Wimbledon on March 8th



Feb 25th - VegfestUK Bristol 2016: house party and reggae sunsplash lineups announced - TICKETS NOW ON SALE

Feb 22nd - Robbie Hazeley – original UK vegan Bodybuilder

Feb 11th - POLL RESULTS on vegan poster for VegfestUK Brighton

Feb 10th - The Phoenix Rose to perform live at both VegfestUK Brighton and Bristol 2016

Feb 2nd - "Vegan - Justice for All" campaign hits the streets of Bristol as VegfestUK launches new billboard campaign



Jan 29th - The Vegfest Express - January 2016 bulletin

Jan 25th - COMPILATION of videos from VegfestUK London 2015

Jan 21st - COMPILATION of talks recorded from Vegfest Scotland 2015

Jan 17th - POLL: Poster for vegan billboard campaign in Brighton

Jan 17th - Tim Barford from VegfestUK reviews ‘Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach’

Jan 17th - Vegfest Scotland 2015 VISITOR SURVEY RESULTS

Jan 16th - BRAND-NEW VegfestUK 2016 flyer with a clear "Justice for All" message

Jan 15th - Tim Barford from VegfestUK advocates for justice for all animals on BBC Radio Bristol

Jan 15th - VegfestUK organisers: It's Time for Justice


JULY 2015

Advance tickets for VegfestUK London now on sale! 

VegfestUK Awards: Categories, Nominees, Voting

Website for VegfestUK Brighton 2016 now live for bookings!

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