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pig freud autumn tour 2015

Pink fluffy guitar-playing cartoon pig Pig Freud is on first tour of the UK, with 6 dates during the autumn of 2015.


Pig Freud will be opening a number of vegan events in the UK and Ireland, in support of grassroots regional vegan education projects in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand.


Pig Freud’s dates

- October 11th at Olympia London at VegfestUK London,

- October 17th in Manchester at the Northern Vegan Festival,

- October 24th in Wolverhampton at the West Midland Vegan Festival,

- November 1st in Dublin at the Dublin Vegfest,

- November 15th in Sunderland at The North East Vegan Festival,

- December 5th in Glasgow at Vegfest Scotland,


Recipients of the charity fundraiser

- Veggies Catering (Nottingham UK),

- London Vegan Actions (London UK),

- Vegan Intersectionality Project (Dublin),

- The Invercargill Vegan Society (Invercargill, New Zealand),

- Vegan Athletes for Peace (Widnes UK),



Pig Freud will be raising money for grassroots regional vegan education projects and to help support the drive towards going vegan and ending exploitation of animals across the globe. Obviously being a pink fluffy pig, this is a cause close to Pig Freud’s heart and he hopes his appearances will help stimulate people to consider going vegan, and to encourage vegans to become more active and more focused on peaceful vegan education.


‘’Pig Freud loves all animals, be they pigs, other animals or humans, and he would love to try and help people go vegan and stop eating and using animals,’’ explained Pig Freud’s manager Tim Barford from VegfestUK and Yaoh, the sponsors of the tour, “and he is using his considerable talents to try and help achieve this. Pig Freud is visually challenged and obviously his trotters are also slightly problematical when it comes to fret work, but he loves playing the electric guitar and is surprisingly good at it. He is really looking forward to his first ever UK tour and especially honoured to be opening all the vegan shows and helping raise money for these 5 amazing grassroots regional vegan education projects. And in doing so, Pig Freud is especially keen to help encourage vegan activists to focus on peaceful vegan education as their chosen form of activism if they truly want to help end the exploitation of animals.”



Pig Freud crowdfunding link

Pig Freud will perform a 15 minute solo at each event, with a social media campaign to support the performances and tens of thousands of flyers to be distributed at each event asking people to consider going vegan and to support their local grassroots vegan education projects (or start their own), and there is a JustGiving crowdfunder which will be available in October 2015 for his growing legion of global fans to donate to the 5 chosen projects if they wish. Link to crowdfunder below:


Latest news of the Pig Freud tour is here:


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