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About this website

About this website


We have created this website to become a valauable resource for all those looking for information about vegen events across the UK, and to help promote all these events to a wider audience, so bringing the beneifts of the vegan lifestyle to even more people than ever before.


VegfestUK Ltd is based in Bristol, and from our office we organise 4 big vegan events every year - Brighton, Bristol, London and Scotland. You can see more details of these 4 events under 'VegfestUK Events' on the right hand menu of this website


We also sponsor many of the UK's leading events and you can see more details about all these shows under 'Events Sponsored by VegfestUK'. All of these shows are most excellent and well organised and although they vary in size, they are all quality - as are the people behind them. We highly recommend all of these events to both visitors and stallhoklers alike - although please note these events are not organised by us, we are sponsoring them but not organising them.


We also support a number of other vegan events around the country, through free promotion and social media. These are listed under 'Events Supported by VegfestUK'. These are events that we are not actually sponsoring but we are supporting them wholeheartedly and helping promote to a wider audience.


We also list a number of other vegan events that are held around the country - these are events that have been forwarded  to us that we support - see 'Other vegan events'


If you are organising a vegan food festival and would like us to feature it on this website, please forward information to . Please note inclusion is at our discretion. We are only lisitng events that are vegan food festivals, open to the public and do not exclude anyone on any grounds, and that provide vegan food and other products to the public. 


The information on this website is designed to assist Visitors and Stallholders to vegan events across the country and we will ensure that it is up to date and accurate - but please contact the events themselves directly for any enquiries about specific events, and please note we can not be held responsible for any inaccurate or out of date info published on this website concerning other events, especially in the event of cancellation or change to any published lineups. This is a free service that we provide and none of the events listed here have been charged for this service.

If you would like to trade at any VegfestUK events (Brighton, Bristol, London and Scotland), please email 

If you would like to trade at any of the other events please contact the organisers themselves, rather than us, thanks.


For a complete list of vegan related events in the UK, please visit the excellent Veggies website


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